A connector is a device used to join electrical circuits and require 2 separate (mating) parts to complete the circuit and most often consist of a male (plug) and female (jack or socket) and are typically utilized to deliver power, signal, and data.

There are many types of electrical connectors and most can be identified by their shape & size, contact configuration & pinout, insulation between contacts.

Connectors also have a multitude of ways in which to make connections to their contacts including crimp, solder, wire-wrap or board mount.

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We stock many connectors of different type:

Automotive, Circular, D-Sub, Fiber Optic, Ethernet, Power, RF, Solar, USB, Terminals and more.



Types of Connectors

  • Audio & Video Connectors
  • Pin & Socket Connectors
  • Automotive Connectors
  • RF Interconnects
  • Circular Connectors
  • Lighting Connectors
  • Terminal Blocks
  • D-Sub Connectors
  • Terminals
  • MIL-Spec
  • Ethernet Connectors
  • USB Connectors (1,754)
  • Fiber Optic Connectors