Advanced Logistics has available stock for many semiconductor manufacturers including Analog Devices, Diodes, Intel, Infineon, Maxim, Microchip, NXP, ON, ST, TI, Vishay and more.

A semiconductor is an electronic component that utilizes conduction in the solid state and are most commonly manufactured as single discrete devices (such as diodes and transistors) or as integrated circuits which may incorporate multiple devices within a single semiconductor substrate. Semiconductor materials vary greatly and include silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide and more, including organic semiconductor materials. Semiconductor materials can be physically manipulated to alter behavior of conductivity or by introducing electric and magnetic fields, heat, or light to achieve the desired result.


Type of Semiconductors

Discrete Semiconductors

Diodes, Thyristors, Transistors

Embedded Processors & Controllers

CPLD, FPGA, Processors, CPU, DSP, DSC, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors

Integrated Circuits

    • Amplifier IC, Driver IC, Audio IC, Power Management IC
    • Programmable Logic, Memory IC, Data Converter IC


DRAM, EPROM, NOR Flash, NVRAM, Memory Module, Memory, SRAM